Update On Shia LaBeouf: He Is Hitchhiking Across America I Think

Our boy Shia is at it again.  He has been hitchhiking across the mainland United States for over a month.  At least I think he has.  Just when you think you’re onto Shia, you find yourself wondering what just happened and how he played you again.  So I refuse to fully commit to this idea as it’s bound to change at a moment’s notice.  And in complete Shia fashion, we don’t know what his next move is, and now we don’t know where his next move is to.  Shia’s been on this #TakeMeAnywhere kick as of late.  Sounds like he just lets people pick him up and drop him off wherever they want.  And then he tweets out his GPS coordinates?  Doesn’t get more Shia than that.  DailyMail reported that he’s inviting fans to take pictures with him wherever they find him.  So if you see Shia Sweatpants at a gas station at 4am in Missouri, don’t be shy.

So he just walks on the way and waits until someone gets him?  He says hitchhiking is “the ultimate collab”.  I never really thought about it like that, but alas, evidently it is.  Just another adventure in the life of Shia LaBeouf.  Say what you want about him, but he’s got better stories than just about anyone.  Guy doesn’t need money or possessions of any kind.  Just happy as a clam sticking his thumb out like some hippie on the interstate.  Fuckin Shia, man.  What a life.


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