Sexual Offense Crimes Rise On NYC Subway And Water Is Also Wet

WSJ: Reports of sexual offenses on the New York City subway are up more than 50% compared with last year, according to figures released Monday. The violations include unwanted touching, public lewdness and unlawful surveillance—taking inappropriate video or photos. “Few men know this crime exists,” said Joseph Fox, chief of transit for the New York Police Department. “But far too many woman do.” The figures don’t include rape. The subway system typically has one or two reported rapes a year, authorities said. The jump has been driven by more victims reporting the crimes rather than an actual uptick in offenses, said Chief Fox, who addressed Metropolitan Transportation Authority board members during a transit and bus committee meeting Monday. …

There have been 458 reported sex crimes in the subway through Monday compared with 299 through the same period last year, a 53% increase, Chief Fox said. The subway system is on track to finish 2016 with about 900 violations, a 22% increase from last year when there were 738, Chief Fox said. He said the annual numbers had hovered around 600 offenses. In 2014, there 621 and in 2013, there were 647. …

In Manhattan, the incidents are now investigated by the borough’s special-victims unit in a pilot program that started earlier this year, Chief Fox said. Last year, Chief Fox went to London to learn how that city handles sexual offenses on its subways. Following that, the NYPD and MTA added the number of plainclothes officers, including female officers, on trains looking for perpetrators. As a result, they have been able to catch more people in the act, leading to more arrests, Chief Fox said.

I hate to break it to you, Wall Street Journal, but this is not news.  You go on the subway, you get groped.  That’s how it works out here under these streets.  There hasn’t been a time where I’ve gotten off the subway feeling not violated.  I take the train 5 times a week and I someone feels me up every single time.  We’re packed in like sardines on the train.  That’s just something you gotta deal with.  “Unwanted touching”?  That’s the least of your problems on the subway.  “Public lewdness”?  Umm have you ever been to New York City in general?  They don’t call it the City of Lust for nothing.  “Unlawful surveillance”?  Uhhhh yeah, that’s how the world works nowadays.  All of that shit is bad enough above ground.  When you go through the subway turnstile, all bets are off.  It’s every man and woman for themselves down there.

As long as people aren’t getting raped, I hardly qualify this as a problem.  Nothing’s changed in NYC as far as I’m concerned.  Waste of an article here, but I felt the need to let non-NYC people know that you will be groped on the subway.  Men, women, adults, children, black, white, fat, skinny.  You will feel uncomfortable on the subway.  Be thankful you don’t get killed by some psychopath or eaten by disease-ridden rats every time you take the N train.



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