Derrick Rose Traded To The Knicks. My Take:

I’m not thrilled.  There’s no part of me that wants Derrick Rose.  He’s a walking injury and one step off a NYC curb from tearing another ACL.  The rumors started circling last week about Rose possibly being dealt to the Knicks.  I wasn’t happy about it then, but I’m a little less unhappy about it now.  Here’s the full trade:

Bulls get: Robin Lopez, Jerian Grant, Jose Calderon

Knicks get: Derrick Rose, Justin Holiday, 2017 2nd Round Pick

The Knicks have been desperate for a bonafide point guard for what seems like decades.  The 10 days of Linsanity was fun and all, but you can only bank on the Asian Harvard guy for so long.  Jose Calderon may be the worst player in basketball.  He is the worst “point guard” in the NBA.  ANYBODY over him is an improvement, and the fact that we were able to dump his ass off to another team makes it even sweeter.  Robin Lopez was a solid big man but was sitting on a hefty contract, one that the Knicks can use that sum of money elsewhere and more intelligently.  The jury is obviously still out on Jerian Grant, but if he’s the youngin the Knickerbockers have to part ways with to get this done, then so be it.

The bottomline is the Knicks essentially gave up nothing.  And in return they’re getting a superstar (IF healthy) for a year if not longer.  That’s the other thing.  Derrick Rose is in a contract year.  So if he gets hurt or if he stinks, it’s a one and done situation, and the Knicks still virtually gave up nothing for it.  If he is able to play a full season, which is a bigger if than any if in the history of ifs, it’s a win for the Knicks.  Getting rid of Calderon’s bum ass already gives the Knicks the win and the Bulls a good ol fashioned L.

Rose is not the guy I envisioned running point with Melo and Porzingis, but it’s for sure better than trotting Calderon and the other shit supporting cast out there.  Say what you want about Phil Jackson, but you gotta give it to him a little here for making moves and trying to get this team back to winning ways.  As long as we’re done with that fucking triangle offense and can get another big man (please NOT Dwight Howard), we could very well see playoff basketball at the Mecca come May 2017.

PS – If we’re gonna get the Derrick Rose Who Cheated And Made Someone Else Take The SATs For Him And Would Have No Problem Cheating In Basketball To Win Games, then I’m all in.





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