The Tall Tale Of A Man Who Went To Work Even Though He Needed Stitches


This is the true story.  Of a man who nearly cut off his finger but still showed up for work with a smile on his face.  Choosing to remain anonymous because he doesn’t want sympathy, he showed up to take care of business despite his hand being held together by a few band-aids.  The man should have went to the emergency room before work.  But he put the pain aside for the betterment of the company and because that’s the kind of guy he is.  He needed stitches.  But his team needed him more.  And the most amazing part was he gave 110% at work yesterday even though his finger was bloody and mangled and hardly functional.  Yet he viewed it as another obstacle that any businessman may encounter throughout a day at the office.  ‘Twas as gutsy a performance as I’ve ever seen.  Think of yesterday as a modern day MJ Flu Game.

Showed up for work despite being handicapped and limited physically.  And today he lives to tell the tale.  I won’t even mention that he typed up the transcript himself because, again, he’s not looking for sympathy and doesn’t want the credit for being a warrior and a pioneer.  But credit given where credit is due.  Let this motivate you to rise against all odds.  Tough times don’t last, tough people do.  Let the story of a man who embodies perseverance and grit and tenacity push you past your next obstacle in life.  Nothing is impossible.  Be your own inspiration.  Enjoy the weekend and be careful cutting carrots with a chef’s knife.  Or something like that.




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