Cross Another One Off The List Because Your Boy Caught A T-Shirt At The Game Last Night

Last night was a memorable one at Citi Field.  The Mets didn’t show up, yet the night was one I’ll never forget.  I sat right behind the Mets dugout (no big deal) with the lady, so close that we had menus to order food to our seats (no big deal).  She got the tickets too.  Fellas, find yourself a woman who’s gonna pay for premium seats.  7th inning stretch comes, I’m ready for the t-shirt launch.  Always comes right after Take Me Out To The Ball Game and during Lazy Mary, the best 7th inning stretch tradition in baseball.  The t-shirt girl looked right at me, next thing I know theres a shirt flying through the air right to me.  Nobody in front of me, clear path, the only person that can fuck it up is me.

But I made the play.  Caught it with my own two hands.  What a moment it was.  It’s a Baseball Game Bucket List item for just about every fan.  Along with being on the Kiss Cam (been there done that), catching a foul ball with one hand and having a beer in the other, and throwing an opponent’s HR back onto the field.  Catching a tshirt is right up there on the list.  ‘Twas a great night.  Now hit me with it!!





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