Walmart Launches New Cookies And Cream Oreos Despite Oreos Being Cookies And Cream Already

MarketWatch:  Wal-Mart Stores Inc. recently held an online vote to decide on a new flavor of Oreo cookies to be sold exclusively at the retail giant. The winner: cookies and creme. Which, of course, is a cookie flavor based on an ice cream flavor which is based on an Oreo cookie. Wrap your brain around that one for a moment. The curious choice beat out Jelly Donut and Caramel Apple, which, to their apparent detriment, are not cookie-flavored cookies. So Walmart’s new cookies and creme Oreos, made by Mondelèz International subsidiary Nabisco, will basically be a traditional Oreo, with additional cookie flakes mixed into the creme filling. Giving consumers, ultimately, a net loss of creme. Huh.

Huh is right.  Well said, MarketWatch.  Here’s the thing.  All of the flavored Oreos STINK ON ICE.  The only Oreos worth my time are the original and occasionally the Golden Oreos.  I don’t even like the Double Stuff ones.  I know that’s an unpopular opinion, but I’m so in love with the regular Oreos that I don’t see the need to tinker with the perfect cookie:cream ratio that I grew up with.  Call me old fashioned, call me what you want, but that’s just how I feel.  And I’ll never apologize for it.  I had a Birthday Cake Oreo one time and almost threw up on myself.  It was one of the grossest cookies I’ve ever had, and I’ve seen em all.

Maybe I’m too stupid to understand, or maybe I’m on the outs of some elaborate inside joke.  But a Cookies and Cream Oreo makes no sense whatsoever.  It’s redundant.  And the article nailed it.  By putting cookies inside the cream, you’re getting less cream, and thus compromising the perfect cookie:cream ratio we all know and love.  It’s going to taste the exact same in terms of flavor.  It’s going to require an extra 7-12 seconds of milk dunking due to the dryness caused from cookie crumb excess inside the cream.  Don’t fix what’s not broken.

With that being said, I’ll be purchasing them and eating an entire sleeve in one sitting as soon as possible.




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