The Texas A&M Baseball Chant That Would Drive Any Pitcher Insane


Great stuff here.  Poor guy on the mound never stood a chance.  And you know he tried to block out the haters and silence the crowd with the couple of throws over to first.  Everyone knows that’s day one stuff to try and kill momentum and regain composure as a pitcher.  The only problem here is that exact move worked against him.  The crowd got more riled up, they got louder, and the pitcher grew more and more nervous.  The deafening sound from the ENTIRE crowd would have left any pitcher shaking with poop in their pants.  This just goes to show you that the college crowd is completely unpredictable.  There’s no crowd as raucous as a college sports crowd, not in America at least.  When you have parents and grandparents participating in distracting the pitcher like their lives depended on it, it’s a wrap.  The pitcher is fucked.  This is the best baseball chant since “pitcher’s got a big butt!”  Baseball crowds are known to be docile and quiet for the most part.  Aggies fans may have just made baseball great again.  Sorry, Bryce Harper, you clown.

If I’m the pitcher, I’d try to pretend like I didn’t hear anything and that they weren’t in my head.  It would be a lie.  The crowd would know it.  I’d know it.  And the crowd would know I’d know it.  But my ego would get in the way and I’d have to try to throw a strike just to spite everyone.  If that doesn’t work, you absolutely cannot try again.  Next pitch goes right for the batter’s head.  The crowd may get louder but it sends a message to the other team.  That is what’s important.  You need to get the next batter on their heels.  Because the first batter is not swinging and knows you’re throwing a ball.  The guy who comes to bat next doesn’t know what’s coming.  The moment you have an advantage of the batter, you’ve re-gained control.

My plan would definitely not work.  If I was the pitcher I’d just make the coach take me out of the game because I won’t be made an example of like that.  Fuck that, man.  Let someone else try to throw a strike because my night’s done.  It just got louder and louder, I’m gonna have secondhand nightmares.




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