What Do We Make Of Paul George Wearing A Paul George Jersey?



Paul George, NBA superstar, went on vacation and wore a Paul George jersey.  It’s an odd move, no doubt.  If you ask me, it’s more odd to me that he’s wearing a basketball jersey in general.  His work uniform is a basketball jersey, so one might think his vacation was a chance to get away from it all.  It’s a chance to forget about real world problems like work, or in his case, basketball/not being able to get anyone of quality to join the team and help win a title.  The last thing on his mind should be basketball.  But alas, Paul George not only wore a basketball jersey on vacation, but wore HIS jersey on vacation.

Evidently Paul George likes to beat his drum a little differently than most people.  What’s wrong with that?  World renowned music icon Justin Bieber once said “love yourself”.  Paul George listened.  Paul George loves himself.  Perhaps he is so dedicated to his craft and his career that he doesn’t focus on anything else but winning.  He probably doesn’t own any street clothes.  All Pacers gear all the time.  Admirable.  We could learn from him.  Regardless of the reason, he’s building his brand; no days off at the Paul George Factory.

Can’t say that I blame him.  I’ll wear a TheEricHammer.com tshirt anywhere.  Business and money never sleep.  That’s what Paul George and I have in common.  While y’all are fast asleep dreaming your little dreams, Paul and I are out here in these streets trying to making those dreams happen.

Plus when you shatter your leg into a million pieces and make a full recovery, you have no rules.



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