Someone Tell This Lady Behind Steph Curry To Dial It Back A Bit

Didn’t see this vine until this morning because the NBA started a Game 7 at 9:00pm EST.  It will never cease to amaze me how bad some decision making can be.  What’s crazy is not that some sole individual first recommended that start time. AFTER A THREE DAY HOLIDAY WEEKEND.  What IS crazy is that a whole committee of people signed off on it.  “Anybody in this room care about the NYC market that’s responsible for two thirds of our ratings?  Anyone?  No?  Great.  9:00 it is then.”  It’s not like it was a Saturday night where everyone’s up late anyway.  A post-holiday weekend night leading into a workweek that’ll for undoubtedly be filled with in productivity, sluggishness, and a general malaise is no time for a late tip off.  Bad move, NBA.  And stop giving two days rest in between every game.  Let’s get this thing moving and play every other night; these men are professionals, traveling should be the least of their worries.  Look what you made me do, I just went off on another tangent and probably lost a few* readers in the process.

Someone needs to tell this woman to relax a little bit.  She’s acting like she just hit a buzzer beater to win the title, meanwhile she has an obstructed view of a basketball player trying to kiss his daughter.  Grow up, Peter Pan.  Laughing like a hyena just makes you look like you don’t understand/appreciate the situation.  She didn’t care about the game.  She saw a clip of Riley Curry being adorable last year and gladly accepted a free court side seat paid for by her senile sugar daddy so she could maybe catch a glimpse of a brief family celebration.  Ask her who won the game and she may not even know.  But justice was served because she looks like a complete idiot here.  It wouldn’t surprise me if she has never seen a child-parent celebration of any kind before.  NO CHANCE any mother would react like that to what is a very normal occurrence.  Jumping around ready to do cartwheels at the sight of something that happens 18 times a day in any American household.

Whether this is a man or woman, white or black, rich or poor, is all irrelevant.  The point is act like you’ve been there before.  Pretend you’ve been at half court with the MVP after a historic game 7.  Don’t do it for me, do it for yourself.

*A few readers make up the majority of my page views.  Can’t afford to lose any one reader let alone a few.  NBA’s fault though, not mine.  Classic NBA for making a rash decision to their own liking without any regard for subsequent after effects.




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