The Water Bottle Flip Is An All Time Talent Show Moment


Front row view here


By the time you read this, the hype may have already dissipated.  The story may have come and gone, this hero may already be forgotten.  But let’s not let the viral video bubble take away from the greatness in this video because that’s what it was; great.  This was a great moment.  A moment like this is one you tell your grandkids about.  You gotta have GUTS to parade on stage in front of the whole school in cargo shorts with one chance to prove yourself.  IN CARGO SHORTS.  You mess this up and you’ll forever go down as the loser in cargo shorts who made a fool of himself in center spotlight.  But the payoff is insurmountable.  This kid is going down as a legend.  Hang his cargo shorts up in the rafters.  Put a statue in the middle of the lunchroom.  Section off his locker for the rest of eternity because he is now immortalized for coming through in the clutch and stepping up to the plate that no common man would dare to follow.

I did a Richard Simmons skit in front of my entire high school and thought it was awesome.  But let’s call a spade a spade.  It doesn’t hold a handle to this.  This was flawless start to finish.  Dramatic music and preparation, keeping the crowd on the edge of their seats.  Followed by silence.  And then the flip.  And then absolute BEDLAM in the auditorium.  Looked like someone in the NBA dunk contest did a quadruple backflip from half court.  Some people are just born for those moments.  It was as cocky as can be, but he absolutely delivered.  No reaction, just walked off stage to fuck the girls and teachers waiting backstage for him.

Now that I think about it, the rest of this kid’s life will be people asking him to flip a water bottle.  And if he ever fails, everyone will hate him.  But for now, he’s the king, and rightfully so.



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