Classic Tale Of A Man Putting His Testicle On His Pizza And Telling Dominos They Gave Him A Raw Meatball


Actual tweet here (NSFW)



Nothing to see here.  Just a ball on a pizza.  Also let’s not ignore the beauty of “corporate Twitter”.  One of Twitter’s little gifts to the world is when someone says something totally over the top to a company they’re dissatisfied with only to warrant a response along the lines of “We’re sorry to hear about this inconvenience.  Email our support desk so we can help you.”  Someone could threaten their family and they’ll make sure to keep it professional for the most part.  More and more we’re starting to see businesses push the envelope and create content like human beings instead of robots.  But it’s never not funny to see them take something seriously that’s obviously a joke.  And in the case of a man putting his left testicle on his pizza claiming it to be a raw meatball, it’s 100x funnier.

We can also make fun of Dominos for legitimately thinking that may actually be an uncooked meatball.  Only sense I can make of it is it’s a woman running the Twitter account who’s never seen a scrotum in her life.  99.9% of humans know that’s human flesh.  And you have to respect this guy for taking the time to undo his pants, plop one ball on his pizza, sacrifice a perfectly good pepperoni slice, and show the world.  Funny bunch out there in the UK.

Nudity is nudity.  Sometimes you get tits, sometimes it’s a ball.  You need a testy once in a while to keep you honest.  Humbling stuff.




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