Kanye Was On ‘Ellen’ And He Came Off Incredibly Likable


This is the Kanye that’s easy to like.  Sort of a combination between old Kanye and new Kanye.  I’ve been a critic of his as of late, but one thing nobody can deny or discredit is that he’s incredibly self aware.  He knows he’s a dickhead sometimes and has no problem with it.  And for that I respect the hell out of him.  This was great because it’s as candid as it gets.  There was no chance of Kanye following the rules to Ellen’s little game.  Not much else to say here except that he was very likable.  He was funny and witty and happy, which we haven’t seen much of recently.  If we can get more of this Kanye, I’m pretty sure we can all agree that would be a wonderful thing.

Also I think it’s safe to say that Ellen is the funniest female on earth.  Just wanted to go on the record saying that.

Shout out to Chris for the tip.




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