Tennis Ball Boys Are All The Rage And This One Faints And Gets Carried Like A Dead Body


Watch until very end.

Not even one calendar month ago we were right here talking about the ball boy who face planted into the wall.  That was good stuff.  I don’t think there’s any debate about that.  But this.  This!  This is GREAT stuff.  Can’t even see what happens at first unless you’re looking in the right spot.  Poor guy gets carried off limb by limb like a dead corpse.  The grounds crew ran over right as he came to again.  Probably wondering what happened but no time to run diagnostic tests 15 feet from Venus Williams.  So they each grabbed a body part and carried him out like a bag of trash.  Doesn’t get any worse than that.  Pass out face first into the clay only to then be emasculated and dragged off while your MOM hops over the railing.

The slo-mo replay alone was worth the entire watch.  10 out of 10, I love this video.




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