It Must Be Impossible To Score Chicks In New York With This Guy Roaming The Streets

Ooh ooh ohhhhh ohh IT’S MR STEAL YO GIRL!

It’s gotta be tough out there in the streets of Manhattan for a single man.  With this Lady Killer walking around, there probably aren’t any single women left.  May as well play for the other team if this guy is roaming around every day in THAT outfit.  No more girls left.  Not with Rico Suave out there to compete with.  Any single man in New York looking for chicks doesn’t stand a chance.  Just pack your shit and move far away because any chick in a 20-mile radius from my man in the polka dots is getting everything she needs from one man and one man only.  You don’t look like that and not absolutely SLAY in NYC.  Right in the fashion district too.  But he’ll probably be stealing your girl in the East Village tomorrow so don’t feel too safe.  And by the looks of him, I’d say there’s enough to go around.

This guys fucks.



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