Sean Paul’s ‘Get Busy’ Turns 13 Years Old Today


Evidently ‘Get Busy’ exploded onto the scene 13 years ago today.  Arguably a Top 5 song of our generation, 13 years young today.  Like a fine wine, it only gets better with age.  This is how you know music isn’t the same as it was years ago.  Sean Paul’s music has only gotten more popular.  People go nuts to it today more than they did 13 years ago.  When I hear Get Busy in the car, game over.  I don’t understand any of the words except “Jordie AND Rebecca”!  Doesn’t matter.  I’m screaming what I think are the noises he’s mumbling in that dutty wine dialect that only Sean Paul himself understands.  No joke I don’t think his language is a native tongue to anyone else in the entire world.  Straight up jibberish, yet I have an unhealthy obsession with it.  Also he’s one of those guys where we don’t know if he’s white or black or Mexican or Jamaican, and we don’t need to know.

Sean Paul is a bonafide superstar.  It was true 13 years ago, and it’s equally as true now.  It’s impossible to name one bad song he’s been apart of.  The only songs MAYBE better than Get Busy are Like Glue and Gimme The Light and I know even less words to those.  Temperature and We Be Burnin also BUMP.  When I heard those at Sweet 16s and Bar Mitzvahs, forget it.  I don’t need to read the list, we all know he has put out hit after hit.  It wasn’t a party until a Sean Paul song plays, and that’s still a fact in my opinion.

The smartest thing Sean Paul can do now is to go on tour.  I’d pay every dollar I own to see him live.  There may not be any artist past or present who I’d want to see live more than Dutty Paul.  Legend.



PS – He recently put out a HEATER with ya boy Jay Sean.


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