I May Or May Not Be A Pedicure Guy Now

So I got my first pedicure Monday.  Shout out to my lady for pulling the trigger on that.  And to be straight, I didn’t hate it.  Make no mistake about it, it was very weird, but not bad nonetheless.  My biggest fear going in was that I’d be so ticklish that I’d kick the pedicurist in the face.  I’m sure it’s happened before, but I didn’t want to be that guy.  And I was ticklish.  The woman caught me giggling a few times and I think maybe even was messing with me at one point.  I’m ticklish, sue me.

I could have done without the heavy focus on each individual toe, though I guess that’s what a pedicure is.  Something about another person clipping my nails kinda grosses me out.  But everything else was absolutely fantastic.  The calf rubbing and massaging was wonderful.  My feet were moisturized and lathered and exfoliated like you can’t imagine (“you” being anyone who has never gotten a pedicure).

The chair I was in was comfy as fuck, equipped with multiple massage functions.  The water was hot, felt like I was sitting with my feet in a hot tub.  It was incredibly relaxing.  And the pedicurist told me my feet were “nice”.  What else can you ask for?  Maybe she was being nice, maybe not.  Ya gotta think some people go in there with FUCKED UP feet.  My feet are pretty standard, or so I thought.  Now I know I have nice feet.

Now some 48 hours post-pedicure, my feet feel fantastic.  They’re softer than ever first of all.  But overall I just feel more light on my feet.  I don’t even walk anymore, it’s almost like I’m up and gliding down the city streets with ease.

Do guys get pedicures on the reg?  Is it crazy to make it a once a month thing?  Ain’t nothing wrong with some pampering.  Aside from the calf rubbing, the best part is now.  To the touch my feet are better than they’ve been in years.  Silky smooth, and I can see their natural glow reawakened.

Do they change the water after each person?  Haven’t thought about that until now, and now I want to puke.  May have to re think this whole thing.




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