My Breakdown Of The TIME Magazine 100 Most Influential People List

TIME Magazine just put out their annual 100 Most Influential People list.  We’re roughly 30% done with this calendar year, so no better time than now to give out 2016’s Best Awards.  That May-December stretch doesn’t have much to offer in terms of opportunities to do anything of significant value.  If you can’t prove yourself to TIME by Mid-April, you’re best off waiting until 2017.  The list is a fine one; it’s a list comprised of many deserving names, many I’ve never heard of and could very well be fictitious, and a handful of questionable awardees.  I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least mention these standouts.

Steph Curry – Personally I don’t think Titan is an accurate description of Steph.  I also think it’s kind of a stretch to consider him influential.  He has had a historic year that won’t ever be forgotten.  Deadliest shooter in history and probably the best basketball player on planet earth right now.  But if you don’t think he’s hindered the comeback of the mid-range jump shot at least a little bit, you’re sadly mistaken.

Priscilla Chan (aka Mark Zuckerberg’s wife) – I’ve been on the record criticizing Facebook’s founder for a number of things from a weak Facebook game to wearing the same shirt everyday and everything in between.  It’s an ongoing gripe.  And while I don’t much about Priscilla Chan, other than her marrying into money, naming her daughter Max, and being “famous” by association, color me crazy but I can’t say she’s been influential AT ALL.  They gave away $49M because Mark made a lot of money.  My issue here isn’t with Zuckerberg but rather with Chan.  Bad selection, TIME Magazine.

Aziz Ansari – Who has ever called him a pioneer?  I’d consider myself a casual fan of his, but I can also say I haven’t heard his name or seen his face in at least a year.  Maybe the most perplexing choice of anyone on the list.  This is a head scratcher like you read about.

Eli Broad – don’t know him or have a problem with him, but he’s got a GREAT name.  Well deserving of being Top 100.  Congrats, Mr. Broad.

Melissa McCarthy – massive 2016 (Jan-April).  She’s funny as hell.  Great choice.

Idris Elba – Since when has being one of five potential James Bond replacements resulted in enough notoriety to be named one of the 100 most influential people in the world?  Times sure have changed since I was a kid.

Kim Jong Un/Vladimir Putin – Automatics until they die.  They will never not be on this list, easiest winners ever.  The simple fact that everyone else in the world is competing for 98 spots is exactly why they’re on the list.  Let that one marinate.

Barack Obama – kind of a cheap way to get on the list, am I right?  Just become POTUS and you get a seat in the front row just like that.  That’s the trick.  The other 99 have to earn their spots.  I don’t know, it just looks like TIME got lazy with this one.

Nicki Minaj – Someone at TIME obviously saw the Anaconda music video.




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