MC Hammer Is Trying To Stop Hammer Time


It’s great to see family again.  Like when you show up to a family party and your long lost uncle is there and nobody knows who invited him and you kind of assumed he disappeared or died.  But make no mistake about it, MC Hammer is back.  Not all the way back but most certainly back.  Shiny pants and all.  The commercial is cheesy and tacky but MC don’t give a fuck.  Sometimes you need to ease back into the scene after a long hiatus.  Anyone can try to jump back into the deep end.  MC Hammer is just getting his feet wet for now.  Music may not be his forte anymore, but there’s money to be made in advertising and carpentry (and apparently consulting).  Can’t say I approve of the message or underlying theme here, though.  Stop Hammer Time?  Seems like all the hard work we’ve put in for decades is going to shit if this catches on.  But they say don’t bite the hand that feeds you.  Trust in MC Hammer.

DISCLAIMER: I literally have no idea what any of that meant.  Sorry.




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