How About The Balls On Pauly D Following Absolutely Nobody On Instagram

2016-04-23 17.35.40


I have a problem with this.  Obviously.  Pauly D can’t be serious.  I actually like Pauly D too.  Amongst the other clowns on Jersey Shore he was one of the more “regular” ones.  Seems like a good dude and somewhat normal.  But this is one of the more insane moves I’ve seen in quite a while.  You’ve gotta be some kind of egomaniac narcissist to not follow anybody.  Especially when it comes to Instagram because you’re there to look at pictures so in theory you’d want to look at as many as possible, to a certain extent.  When it comes to my social media presence, getting a follow from me on Instagram is peanuts compared to Twitter.  Maybe I’m the egotistical one putting a value on my own actions but so be it, the point stands.

Pauly D is a D list celebrity at best.  He’s got no business being a guy who doesn’t follow anybody on Instagram.  That’s some Kanye-type shit.  Prince could have gotten away with following nobody (RIP homie).  That’s probably it.  Maybe Bieber and Oprah too.  And Kanye doing something like that isn’t acceptable in my eyes but rather expected at this point.  Prince is the only person who if you heard he didn’t follow anybody back on Instagram you’d be like “Goddamn it Prince is awesome”.  Former reality-TV personalities/wannabe DJs don’t qualify in my world.

This is an egregious abuse of power and as someone who’s out there on the grind every single day, scratching and clawing for RTs and followers, I take personal offense to this violation.  Boooooo Pauly D.

Now that I’m thinking about it maybe I love this move.  Maybe the joke’s on me.  Guy has 1.8 million people waiting for his next picture and he doesn’t give a fuck.  Nobody gets a pity follow in Pauly D’s world.  I don’t know, it’s kinda awesome because he’s got literally no right to be so cocky but still ridiculous.




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