Ball Boy Goes Face First Into The Wall And Tries To Play It Cool


This video is probably a week old by now so this right here is a real veteran move by me.  Wait for the buzz to die down and then re surface the video so people have already forgotten about the original and think I may be first on this new scoop.  Pat on the back for me as I even surprised myself with this one.  And if you haven’t seen it then I’m still breaking the news.

This is a simple one, folks.  It’s your classic “oh fuck I hope nobody saw that” moment.  We saw it.  Everyone saw it.  The best videos are the ones that are lucid and clear and don’t leave anything in question.  There’s no confusion here.  Just a poor schlub smashing his own face into a wall because he’s never had any luck in his life.  No chance this is the first time either.  He’s been tripping and falling and face planting all over the place for 12 years.  Play a pickup basketball game one time and develop some poise.

Tennis ball boys are the biggest try hards on planet earth.  Sprinting across the court like it’s on fire.  Sticking their arms straight up like robots spitting tennis balls all over.  Literally picking up the trash tennis balls off the ground.  Yet it’s the closest they’ll get to any athletic success.  Exhibit A: this kid.  His life is over too.  You can never live this down.  Social suicide.  RIP.




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