I Cannot Understand Why Someone Would Make Their Twitter Private

I have difficulty understanding the logic that goes into setting your Twitter account to private.  Seems like more people than not have it that way, too.  Almost as if it’s become the norm.  What the fuck?  What’s the point?  Last time I checked, Twitter was all about being up to publicly broadcast my thoughts and interact with people.  I would do anything for RTs; free publicity.  I want everyone to read my tweets.  I want all of the followers and notoriety.  Can’t develop any decent clout when nobody can RT you.  Don’t tell me you’ve never scrolled down someone’s page to see if their tweets were quality enough that they deserved a follow.  But yours is private because nobody needs to read your tweets if they don’t follow you right?  Glass house, you goddamn hypocrites.

I hear people saying they don’t want potential/current employers reading their tweets.  I think that’s maybe the greatest urban myth of this generation.  I don’t doubt that your social media is being seen, I just don’t think it means anything at the end of the day.  What are you honestly afraid of?  What could be so bad on your Twitter feed that would stop someone from hiring you?  Maybe the better approach is to not tweet anything that you think could cause some backlash.  Looks like you’re hiding something. I’m an open book. If someone won’t hire me because of my thoughts (on Twitter for example), then so be it; that’s probably not a job I want anyway.  I don’t ever feel like I have to explain myself.  And everything I’ve ever tweeted I’ll defend until I die.  Have a backbone one time.

I was young once.  I remember when I took stock in the Private Twitter era.  Complete waste of time and lost opportunity for my brain to be promoted by other people.  On the other hand if they can’t RT you, they may be more inclined to RT me solely because they can.




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