Grading Jaden Smith’s New Rap Song


Grade: F-

And the chess match continues.  Another chapter has been written in the rivalry between the two of us.  Sure, it mostly consists of him doing stupid things and me responding with internet words.  But we don’t have to explain our relationship to anyone.  This isn’t me disliking Jaden as a person.  This is nothing more than calling out a mediocre rap when I hear one.  The two are independent of one another.  And he just so happens to be a spoiled, privileged asshole who has never heard the word no, even when he wanted to wear a Camelbak to the Bieber Roast.

The song above is your typical high school made-in-my-bedroom-after-smoking-weed-at-my-buddy’s-house wannabe rap.  Except Jaden will probably launch his own tour despite approximately zero demand for such.  Be on the lookout for Jaden Smith’s first EP within the next 8 weeks.

Side note- this whole family can take a lap.  This song is an extension of their freaky scientology brains filled with propaganda nonsense.  I don’t think that sentence makes any sense but what’s done is done.  They’ve gone out of their way to make enemies with just about everyone it seems like.  And this is just one more platform to preach their garbage on.



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