Villanova Fan Takes A Shit In The Street Raising Celebrations To A New Standard

Basic human decency and social protocol aside, a pretty hilarious video.  I have never and will never experience anything like Nova and their fans did last night.  It cannot get any better than winning a National Championship on a 3 at the buzzer.  That’s a scenario you draw up in your dreams’ dreams.  Rutgers may never win another basketball game again, let alone on a game winner on the biggest stage.  The game was amazing.  The moment was huge.  But I can’t even think of words to describe the celebrations last night.  Riots in the street.  Kinky co-ed sex.  Alcohol flowing.  Burning couches.  Human defecation.  Ain’t no party like a National Championship party.

The high fives before he even pulled his pants up were too perfect.  Hootin and hollerin.  Someone yelled “atta boy”.  Guy didn’t even wipe his ass and everyone was already doing the hokey pokey with no care in the world or any regard for the human shit on the floor.  There’s always someone or something responsible for kicking it up a notch and truly getting the party started.  We’ve seen kids climb telephone poles.  Cars get flipped over.  But never before has pulling your pants down and shitting in the middle of the road been celebrated.  The bar has been raised.  No shindig can ever be called a party until someone takes a crap on the floor.  What a moment.  Bedlam in the streets.  Chaos in the streets.  Seven Nation Army chants in the streets.  POOP IN THE STREETS.



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