What To Eat At Citi Field In 2016

Say what you want about the Mets being losers and choke artists (they are until further notice), but the one thing they’ve done well consistently year after year is pump out dope food at Citi Field.  It’s a great stadium with better food and is highly interactive and fan friendly.  I’ve yet to make sense out of why the stadium seats are GREEN.  I will never understand or forgive them for honoring Jackie Robinson in front of the stadium instead of Met greats like Tom Seaver and Mike Piazza.  They had to move the walls closer and make them shorter, and change the color from black (not a Mets color) to blue (a Mets color).  It wouldn’t be home to the Mets if it didn’t have incredible flaws.  But they’ve never held back with great food.  Shake Shack creates longer than Charlie Sheen’s.  And the burger+fries+milkshake combo is worth the wait time and time again.  Pat LaFrieda’s has a Steak Sandwich and a Meatball Hero that are absolutely ridiculous.  Garlic Parmesean Fries at Box Frites.  Ribs and a Pulled Pork Sandwich at Blue Smoke.  Tacos from the Taqueria joint in center field.  Just a few of the stadium eatery staples that are for sure here to stay.  The list continues, and Citi Field is pulling out all the stops for 2016 leaving no stone unturned.  Let’s do it.


Smoke Shack Burger @ Shake Shack


Sign me up.  Shake Shack is the real deal, and adding a Bacon Cheeseburger to the menu is nothing more than showing off.  Have to respect it.  Have to have it.  No idea what Cherry Pepper Relish is, but I am all in on it.  Early opinion: MUST HAVE.


38 oz. Tomahawk Rib Chop @ Pat LaFrieda’s


Priced at a reasonable $154/each, this seems like a fair price considering it’s served on what looks like a baseball bat.  Big hunk of meat + a souvenir.  I can’t even fathom what 38 oz. does to a human body.  That’s a legitimate weapon.  Early opinion: Would love to have it, probably won’t.


Nutella Stuffed Rice Balls w/ Cinnamon Sugar


I am not a nutella lover nor do I see the harmony inside a rice ball.  But deep fry anything and roll it in cinnamon sugar, and it will sell.  There’s not much more to it than that.  Looks like a big zeppole with chocolate inside, nothing to dislike.  Early opinion: Very interested.


Steak Pizzaiola w/ Braised Short Rib @ Rao’s


Well alright then!  I was skeptical about the Meatball Hero last year simply because it wasn’t your typical “ballpark food”.  But that’s out the window nowadays.  I’d be lying if I said I was sure of what a pizzaiola is, but you can’t stop me from trying it.  Early opinion: YUP.


Peanut Butter Pretzel Coated Thick Cut Bacon On A Stick @ Pig Guy


Excuse me, what did you say?  Bacon on a Stick has taken this nation by storm in stadiums across the land.  Bacon with anything gets a thumbs up from me, but this is a little much for me.  Adding “Thick Cut” to the title really has my attention though.  Early opinion: Won’t get it but will be jealous of every person I see with one.


Spicy Chicken Sandwich @ Fuku


You may recognize the Fuku name because it’s quite renowned in the NYC area.  I’m excited for this and the rest of the new, highly anticipated Fuku menu.  People love spicy chicken, and I can’t think of another chicken sandwich available at Citi.  Goes well with a cold beer.  Word in the Twittersphere is that they also make DOPE cookies.  Early opinion: Hell yeah.


Cannolis @ Mama’s of Corona


If this wasn’t a New York team I’d be furious.  I love a good, homemade cannoli from Mama as much as the next Italian guy (note: I’m actually not Italian), but I’m not running to the concessions for a cannoli.  But I can’t knock anyone who does because those look ridiculous.  Early opinion: Undoubtedly delicious but not for me.


Dave’s Clam and Corn Chowder @ Catch of the Day


Catch of the Day is BANGIN.  They have a Lobster Roll that’s as good as it gets.  Call me crazy but I am so onboard for Clam+Corn Chowder.  Those early spring nights can get realllll chilly in Flushing.  Hot chowder (in a bread bowl) and cold beer are the cure.  Early opinion: will absolutely try.


108 Burger @ Keith’s Grill


Jesus Christ look at that thing…  The notorious 108 Burger is topped with Havarti cheese, hand-sliced pastrami, and finished off with NY Deli mustard and pretzel bun.  And obviously they can’t serve it without a pickle and chips.  Keith Hernandez would support this burger.  Goddamn it, Keith, you sick sick man.  Early opinion: A lot going on here, may take focus away from the game, but we’ll see because just look at it.


Deep Fried Cheesecake on a Stick


I can’t confidently say I truly know what I’m even looking at here.  But count me in.  Early opinion: Absolutely.


Steak Frites @ Pat LaFrieda’s


Cheesesteak topped waffle fries, from the brain behind the Steak Sandwich and Meatball Hero.  Pat, you’re a bad bad man.  Good lord those look incredible.  Early opinion: Probably will have this before anything else.


Plenty of others too.  And here‘s a tiny (literally) glimpse at the expanded menu, featuring the famous Milk Bar, Crispy Chicken Poppers, Pepper Crusted Bacon Grilled Cheese, and Barbacoa Tacos.  WE EATIN, FAM!


Most importantly, the Mets wised up and ditched Pepsi for Coca Cola, all thanks to me.




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