What Would Happen If Rutgers Mens Basketball Faced Off With UConn Womens Basketball?


I gotta say I’m pretty disappointed.  Maybe I’m just being naïve.  Maybe I’m the idiot who put my faith in an anonymous Twitter poll.  I’d like to think that most of the participants just sided with the majority (49% is technically the minority) or wanted to stir controversy to get under my skin.  You’ve all succeeded in that sense.  But let’s cut the bullshit.  Anyone who thinks the UConn Women’s Basketball team would beat the Rutgers Mens team is a straight up buffoon.  In fact, the game wouldn’t be close.  The men would win by 20+, probably more like 40.  This has nothing to do with how good or bad either team is.  This is genetics.  This is science.  This is evolution.  No D-1 women’s college basketball team can beat any D-1 men’s college basketball team.  They couldn’t beat any top tier high school boys team either.

This UConn basketball team is incredible.  I’ve watched them play.  They can ball.  Nobody can drive to the basket on them because they have a legitimate superstar dominating every single game.  They knock down 3’s like it’s no big deal.  They’ve won like 400 games in a row.  The best players in the country go through Storrs, CT year in and year out; that’s how it works, and that’s how UConn rolls.  I think it’s awesome that they win every game by 80 points, and it’s hysterical that teams even attempt to gameplan against a team they have ZERO chance at competing with for a full game.  So credit to them.  And Rutgers stinks.  I’ve beaten that horse to death.  Rutgers was, currently is, and most likely will continue to be a national laughingstock.  At one point they were the worst ranked Power Conference team ever, and rightfully so.

UConn is the best in the country and Rutgers is arguably the worst.  But when comparing physical stature, it’s no contest.  The Lady Huskies simply would not be able to compete with the Scarlet Knights for a full game, solely based on physical strength and ability.  Genetically, men are bigger, faster, and stronger.  When it comes to strength, speed, rebounds, etc., there’s no debate.  Anyone who knows anything about sports, life, or logic would say the same thing.  And if you can’t fully recognize that, you’re as stupid as they come, and I’d recommend a CTE scan.  I want to emphasize that this has nothing to do with my ego or my bias to Rutgers (zero, by the way).  This is a FACT.  There’s a reason why men and women play on separate teams in separate leagues at just about every level.

Go Rutgers.



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