Xzibit Came Out Of The Clouds For An All Time Twitter Fatality


SKULL EMOJI SKULL EMOJI SKULL EMOJI!!!!  Fatality!  Xzibit killed her!  She’s dead!

Here’s the thing about Xzibit.  You’re not alone if you thought he was dead.  It’s a major curiosity of mine how people fall out of the limelight to never return.  It’s one thing if you make enough money and just disappear to live the life you want free of stress and distraction.  Can’t knock that, that’s the dream man.  Despite virtually every single person yearning for the game and the fortune, it’s gotta be incredible to have that notoriety and suddenly pick up your bags and leave without hesitation.

But I have a funny feeling Xzibit wasn’t living large when he fell off.  I may have my order of operations out of sync, but when you act all tough and get smoked my B-Rabbit in a lunch truck rap battle, there’s no coming back from that.  That was it for X.  We should have known that.  Somebody should have thrown him a life raft when he needed it most.  Little did we know we left him out to drown.  But drown he would not.

Straight from the clouds, from the top rope, Xzibit comes through with the knockout punch.  First words he’s spoke in what feels like years, and it’s a fatal blow to Alejandra.  Poor girl never saw it coming and she was murdered on Twitter and left for dead.  Prob thought she was the funniest girl alive too.  “Ooh lemme tweet at Xzibit and tell him I want my ride pimped!  Like the tv show!  Cause he used to do that all the time but now he doesn’t!  Do ya think he remembers?  He’s gonna love this tweet!”

NO BITCH!  You think Xzibit has time for your petty social media games?  Let alone have time to pimp your ride?  Get LOST.  Get a fucking job and pimp your own ride!  A masterful sequence of words from our boy Xzibit.  On one hand this may have been a little heavy.  Probably a bit over the top from Xzibit and downright uncalled for.  But naivety ought to be exposed.  You come at Xzibit with that weak ass shit, prepare to get egg on your face.  Get a job, bitch!

NOTE:  This may be my favorite tweet of all time.


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