Breaking Down The Only Commercials We’ve Seen During March Madness


What a weekend.  As I stated last week, March Madness weekend 1 is the best year after year.  This past weekend certainly did not disappoint, madness upon madness.  My eyeballs hurt from being locked in on a TV screen for 96 hours in a row, and I wouldn’t trade this feeling for anything.  I also said the three days of no hoops between weekend 1 and 2 are the absolute worst.  It’s been that way forever, and it’s still true.  Today stunk.  Tomorrow will stink.  Wednesday will stink.  Thursday we will feel alive once again.  Just fight through it.

Every game was electric in its own unique element.  One consistency all weekend was the pair of in-game commercials.  No joke I think these were the only two commercials aired all weekend.  Pregame? Air the State Farm and Applebee’s commercials.  Halftime?  Applebee’s and State Farm.  TV timeout?  State Farm and Applebee’s.  No wavering, no hesitation, no variables, no surprises.  We have no other choice but to respect it.  Shoving product down our throat because they know we’re watching and that we won’t stop.

How about Applebee’s promoting their Quesadilla Burger like it’s a new, limited edition menu special?  This is the first time I have ever seen an advertisement for one of Applebee’s staple menu items.  The Quesadilla Burger has literally been a top seller at Applebee’s since the beginning of time.  Along with Boneless Buffalo Wings and the Chicken Fajita Rollup, these three have always and will always be on the menu.  I love the commercial don’t get me wrong.  It’s just funny that people are definitely watching the commercial and saying to themselves “Wow Applebee’s might have something here!” Any true Applebee’s fan would scoff at the new ad.  Hilarious.

There have been a few different variations of the State Farm “Meet The Hoopers” advertisement.  The one above is the catchy jingle that become quite the earworm.  I’ve been singing that to myself all weekend.  Makes me want to introduce people as the Hooper’s just so I can say it.  Another one is Chris Paul lecturing teenage Kevin Love about sex.  But my personal favorite is the “We’ve been robbed!” ad featuring DeAndre Jordan in a wig and a dress.  Some things simply can’t be unseen, but this will never not be funny.





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