Nobody Can Have A Worse Start To A Race Than This Girl



HA!  In the face!  In the faceeeee!  First things first.  It’s pretty clear she doesn’t want to be on the track team and her mom forced her to do some sort of extracurricular activity.  “Hunny, all your friends are on the team!”  She’s totally lost out there.  Doesn’t know when to stand, when to get set, where to run, probably doesn’t know her ass from her elbow.  This thing was a disaster right from the jump.  Crouching when everyone’s standing, standing when everyone’s crouching.  She’s also the only runner with one of those foot platforms, which if I had to guess is to boost momentum on the first step.  Poor girl didn’t stand a chance at getting a good jump, let alone winning the race.

It wasn’t the face plant that had me laughing.  It wasn’t the second fall while everyone else was 5000 yards in front of her.  But it was Clumsy Girl putting her hands up like “I told you, Mom, I hate track!” that was the icing on the cake.  Because at that point she already had a heaping portion of dust for breakfast lunch and dinner.  She can’t quit because that’s a bad look, although falling flat on your face twice in 5 seconds isn’t much better.  The last thing she needs is her mom (I think?) trying to encourage her despite being three laps behind.  “Gosh, Mom shut up I don’t even know why I’m here!”

Absolutely hilarious.




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