On March Madness Day, We Pause And Reflect


Happy Holidays everyone.  Today is easily a top 5 day of the year, and I won’t argue with anyone who says it is THE best.  It’s that good.  And it’s a top 3 weekend of the year, up there with Thanksgiving Weekend and NFL Week 1/Championship Weekend.  You know what?  I’ll say it.  Today is the best day of the year.  And this is the best weekend of the year.  No rational person would have an issue with that.  16 basketball games today, 16 again tomorrow, 8 Saturday, 8 Sunday, buzzer beaters, electricity, upsets, mascots, bands, busted brackets, alcohol, tears, buffalo wings, madness.  It’s nonstop hoops cooked together with high anxiety and newfound curse words directed towards some dickhead in one of the games.  The wait between the end of March Madness one year and the start of the next year feels longer and longer every year.  I will not be working today or tomorrow because that’s how much I care.  There is no other tournament in the entire world like March Madness.

So on the morning of arguably the #1 of 366* days in the year, we take a moment to appreciate all that we have.  We’ve got our health, our friends, our family, and a weekend of college basketball.  We pause and reflect and put our petty complaints to the side in the spirit of March.  We stop crying about Donald Trump and Kim Kardashian to appreciate god’s gifts like Bill Rafftery, Verne Lundqvist, and even Dickie V.  The only important things in life right now are finding a comfy spot, having beer cold, and figuring out what channel TruTV is.  When that first slate of games comes to an end and the next set is starting, it’s straight up BEDLAM in my house; flipping the remote going back and forth, trying to catch the last seconds of every game at once.  People are going a little crazy and doing some weird shit, but as a society we look the other way because of March.  I can’t wait.

Come Monday morning and quickly coming to the realization that there are no games until Thursday is always the worst part of the entire tourney, worse than your bracket being busted.  But the high I get from 4 days of consistent action makes it all worth it.

It’s also St. Patty’s Day today.  What a fucking weekend.


*My brain is so sharp in anticipation for tipoff.  I am seeing things so clearly, so you can’t fool me with a little leap year joke.



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