Get A Load Of This CEO Who Takes Job Applicants To Breakfast And Makes Sure Their Orders Get Messed Up

TPNN: If, like many millions of people, you’ve ever used online resources in a job search, you know that numerous websites offer potential interviewees an idea of what kind of questions they might face when talking with a potential employer, along with suggested answers that could give you a leg up in the hiring process. Some employers, however, have decided to venture far outside the box in their effort to gauge prospective employees on more than just their rehearsed responses. Walt Bettinger, for example, takes important interviews out of the office and on the road, inviting potential hires to a breakfast meeting at a local restaurant.

Bettinger, the CEO of brokerage firm Charles Schwab, recently revealed in a New York Times interview one aspect of these meetings which job candidates were not aware of at the time. Arriving at the restaurant early, the executive said that he promised his party’s server a large gratuity if he or she agreed to deliver the wrong order to his yet-to-arrive dining companion. In reviewing the prospective employee’s response to an unexpected, negative experience, Bettinger explained that he has been able to look for qualities — or perhaps deficiencies — that would not have come through during a traditional interview.

He said he has used the experiment to answer a basic question: “Are they upset, are they frustrated or are they understanding?” Though the ramifications of overcooked eggs or burnt toast might be somewhat limited, Bettinger thinks he can gain much broader insight by determining how a person reacts to disappointment. …

FUCKKKK that.  I’ve surveyed a few people on this and apparently I’m the bad guy for thinking this is a bad idea.  Umm what world are we living in?  Being tested and set up for failure on a job interview is a scumbag move, plain and simple.  You’re better off giving them an actual assignment or letting them “test” the job out for a day.  Slam them with a full workload and observe how they cope with that.  Don’t fuck up my cheeseburger you fucking asshole.  You sir, Walt Bettinger, if that is your real name, are a devious, conniving, jerkoff who can’t get to know someone from a conversation.

From the other side of the interview table, I can tell you that the best parts of interviews are when we have conversations about anything other than the job at had; when we just talk.  You can only gain so much intel from reading my resume and asking me what my biggest weakness is.  Not only do they get to know me better from a normal conversation, but I get to know them as well.  We bounce questions and answers off each other and create a real, social interaction that is so often neglected in a job interview.

I’d like to think I’m a fairly easy patron to serve at a restaurant.  I’m polite, I try to make things as easy as possible, and I’m not sending my food back barring something extreme.  I don’t need to be intentionally humiliated in order to qualify for a job.  You wanna grill me with tough questions and criticize my job history?  That’s fair game.  But when you ask the waiter/waitress to alter my order, that’s personal.  Dick.



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