Fat Joe Is Back


For years he has been nothing more than a ghost.  He has been nothing more than “Just Joe”, “Joe” even.  That’s what happens when you lose weight.  You can’t call yourself Fat Joe anymore.  And suddenly you’re a has-been.  Nobody has ever made a career as “Just Joe”.  What happened with Jonah Hill when he got skinny?  He stopped being funny.  Now he’s fat and hilarious again.  There’s a direct correlation between weight and success when you first come onto the scene as a fatty.  Facts only.

Fat Joe is BACK baby!  I don’t think he’s quiteeeee there yet with the weight, but don’t let the black leather fool you.  It’s a work-in-progress for sure, but Joe is in the rearview mirror and Fat Joe is not far down the road.  I’ll take Gonna Be Fat Joe over “Just Joe” any day.  We may never get back to the days of Terror Squad and Lean Back, Make It Rain, What’s Luv, Aloha, Ain’t Sayin Nothin, or Get It Poppin (one of my personal favorites).  I’m okay with that.  But a new leaf is turned, Fat Joe is back, and this new music is hot fire.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’ll be having a Fat Joe Night.




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