U Of Washington Kid Crushing A Salad Before Tip Off And It’s Officially March


And it was at this moment that March officially arrived.  It’s the best time of year hands down, and I couldn’t have envisioned a better kick off to March Madness.  This was just moments before tip off, and my man is all in on a cobb salad like you read about.  The Average Joe would say this is a weird move.  They would say to eat before the game or eat a hot dog like a normal person.  That’s the myopic mindset I’d expect from people who think inside the box.  I bet those people are unaware that UW Spring Break is less than 2 weeks away.


You don’t suffer through the cold winters (someone fact check this) of Seattle, Washington and not go away for Spring Break.  And anybody who’s been on Spring Break knows the two weeks leading up are crunch time.  Grilled chicken, ellipticals, salads, water, no carbs.  That’s it.  It becomes a lifestyle.  Spring Break makes exceptions for nobody, and if you’re not in shape, you’ll pay the price (be the grossest/fattest kid on the beach).  Kill or be killed.  Salad Guy is gonna get the last laugh on Spring Break when he has hot chicks licking jello shots off of his iron board abs.  The temptation that surrounds you at a stadium is overwhelming to say the least.  With SB on the horizon, THAT is discipline.  So I respect the hell out of this move.

Going back to my first point, this is what March Madness is all about.  The animals come out, and they’re rolling squad deep equipped with salads galore.



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