Rutgers’ Move To The Big Ten Has Been And Will Continue To Be A Disaster

This is difficult to put into words for so many reasons.  For one thing, it’s almost impossible for me to give a true unbiased, objective take.  I am so angry and have invested years and time that will never be regained.  In addition, it’s very early in this “process”.  I don’t think anybody predicted a smooth transition into the Big Ten for Rutgers.  You don’t jump from a decimated Big East to a powerhouse like the Big Ten and reasonably expect to have immediate success.  You can’t show up to a football recruiting party and steal the spotlight from Ohio State and Michigan.  You can’t walk into the lion’s den and set up camp all willy nilly.  Life just doesn’t work like that.  I’m not asking for Rutgers to win the Big Ten and play in the Rose Bowl because I’m a reasonable personal with realistic expectations.  I don’t have much concern for the football program.  It’s a long road ahead but I’ll reserve judgement for a while.  There is at least some hope there.

But this basketball program is an absolute JOKE.  They are the worst power conference team ever.  EVER.  No team in any power conference has ever been ranked lower nationally.  302 of 351.  Rutgers is 6-22.  6 wins.  22 losses.  They are 0-16 in the Big Ten this year.  They have lost 31 straight Big Ten games.  They have lost TEN games by 20+.  The 6 teams they’ve beaten are Fairleigh Dickinson (ranked 288th), Central Arkansas (ranked 294th), UMass Lowell (306th), Howard (330th), Central Connecticut (351st/worst team in the country), and…….. Rutgers NEWARK.  They beat a goddamn Division-III team in the season opener.  And it was an exhibition game for Newark.  If they face off today, I’ll take Newark by double digits.

There are SIX scholarship players on the roster right now.  How Eddie Jordan sleeps at night expecting to compete in the Big Ten truly defies any realm of logic.  I can sit here all day and explain why Eddie Jordan needs to go.  But he doesn’t deserve that attention.  Not even 2 weeks ago, he criticized fans for being impatient.  Fuck that shit.  It is an embarrassment that he is the at helm (for now) and thinks it’s okay to get on anybody other than himself and his measly players.  Win 1 of 31 conference games before you give yourself the freedom to speak.

The bottom line is that Rutgers is in way over their heads, and there are no signs of any improvement coming any time soon.  All they have to do is tread water for a few years and earn some respect.  But they are drowning and there’s no life raft in sight.  Who would want to play basketball at Rutgers?!  Absolutely nobody with goals and a desire to win.  No talent, no recruits, no coaching, no leadership, no future.  DARK times in New Brunswick.  If Pat Hobbs had any balls he would take the mic before the next home game’s tip off and fire Eddie Jordan in front of everyone all 85 fans in attendance.  Stop the bleeding because the program is dying.

I had some clown chirp me about how Rutgers Wrestling and Rutgers Soccer are in great shape.  If you need to use wrestling and soccer as justification, that attitude alone proves why this program is a complete laughingstock.  Nobody gives a fuck about wrestling.  It’s all about basketball and football.  And it’s all about winning.  Rutgers stinks.



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