Even Will Smith Thinks His Kids Are A Joke

DailyMail: ‘I want them to experience as much trauma’: Will Smith says he wants to expose his teenage children to harsh criticism to toughen them up for the ‘hard world’.

‘The world is hard so I want them to be able to hear people’s opinions and take what people say and what people think and grant people their own views without that breaking their self-confidence’, he continued. He pinpointed his daughter Willow as having a harder time dealing with negative press due to her young age, before adding that his eldest son Trey, 23, doesn’t receive nearly as much criticism.

Well isn’t that the cat calling the kettle black?  The world think your kids are lunatics.  They have sullied the family name.  They preach scientology nonsense.  Your son wears Camelbaks in public and speculated about chopping off his dick on his 18th birthday.  Their antics are well documented.  Then amidst the criticism they attribute it all to some social experiment.  Daddy has enabled and perpetuated this for years.  And now all of a sudden the Fresh Prince decides he’s had enough.  While I wish he would have taken accountability, it’s about time.  It would have been nice to see Will point the finger at himself, but the fact that he knows his kids suck is enough for me.

Stick these kids in one of those Scared Straight programs.  That’ll fix it.  Everyone think they’re the shit until they’re face to face from a hardened criminal with no future or remorse.

Oh and apparently there’s a Trey Smith…….


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