Battleground Deli To Return Spring 2016

This is MAJOR news.  This is bigger than Buffalo Wild Wings.  This may be the single biggest story to ever break in Manalapan.  And it looks like once again I’m first on the scene.  Red hot, baby!  Battleground is the OG of Bacon Egg & Cheese spots.  It became a ritual before classes in high school.  And I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a popular spot to go to during school (statute of limitations, we’re good).  This is the only place where, I can confidently say, I order my BEC on a roll instead of a bagel.  The go to is the BEC on a roll.  Big day for Manalapan.  Big day for all of us.

I guess it’s gonna be under new management, but that’s to no surprise after what seems like a 10-year hiatus.  As long as they keep the name and produce quality food, I couldn’t care less who runs it.  Don’t think we’ve forgotten about you, Battleground.  We haven’t.  I’d by lying if I said I’ve never gone into that parking lot and walked to the door hoping to see some news about a grand reopening.  They’ve been teasing re-openings for years though which is annoying.  This may be the real deal though.  Keep throwing shit at the wall, eventually it’s going to stick…




One thought on “Battleground Deli To Return Spring 2016

  1. what happened!!?? they never opened. i saw a gathering there 2 weeks ago 10/2016 & i yelled from car when are you opening. he replied NEXT WEEK
    !! still nothing.. SAD!!

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