Super Bowl 50’s Top 5 Commercials

And so concludes another chapter of a longstanding tradition (this would make 2 years) of recapping the best commercials of the Super Bowl.  The game last night stunk.  Halftime pretty much stunk.  Overall the commercials were decent.  Nothing will ever top last year’s Top Earner, aka greatest Super Bowl ad of all time, but that would be asking a lot anyway.  The past few years have been rather dull in terms of commercials.  It feels like years ago it was great commercial after great commercial after great commercial.  It’s not the same anymore, but last night was a pleasant surprise I’d say.  One thing I need to say is that I think car commercials don’t make all that much sense.  Nobody is remembering the serious Audi commercial highlighting the features of the 2019 Audi.  But I guess when all the other brands are doing it, you’d be stupid not to compete and get your name out there.  I don’t know, man.  Narrowing down to 5 was tough, but hey, someone’s gotta do it.

5. Prius Bank Robbers


There’s just something funny about bank robbers getting their car towed mid-heist.  What are the odds?  I feel like most people didn’t think of how ironic that is.  Plus, any commercial with “Apache” as the theme song is A-okay in my book.  High speed chases, posters, Mexican gameshows, polished off with a silent getaway.  LOVE the combination.


4. PuppyMonkeyBaby – Mountain Dew


Lots of people didn’t get it, didn’t like it, thought it was weird, etc.  I feel bad for those people because this was gold.  Gimme a puppy head on a monkey torso with baby legs coupled with a dope beat and I’m all set.  Catchy and hilarious.


3. “Restricted (Hotline) Bling” – T-Mobile


Drake was better in this ad than anyone was during the halftime show.  If the cheesy smile didn’t do it for ya, the sarcastic and exaggerated reactions had to be enough to make you laugh.  The belly laugh and high five had me up off the couch laughing harder than I laughed all night.


2. Super Bowl Babies Choir (feat. Seal)


It’s always a joy watching people sing and celebrate the time they were conceived during a drug-filled, alcohol-induced, post-Super Bowl sex marathon.  Classic.  And I absolutely lost it when Seal showed up.


1. Weiner Stampede – HEINZ


Maybe not the most popular #1 choice but a clear personal favorite of mine.  Weiner dogs wearing hot dog buns will never not be hysterical.  Where do they come up with these things?  It’s hard to explain why I loved this one so much, but it takes the cake for me this year.  The sweet lyrics and the soft piano were a great build.  Ears flopping.  Tongues flailing.  Puppies fully extended in mid air.  Cutest fucking thing I’ve ever seen.  And as a fellow Ketchup bottle costume owner, this one really hit home for me.  Elbow nudge at :35 was laugh out loud funny.  GIVE ME A WEINER DOG STAMPEDE!

Honorable Mention: Doritos baby birth commercial.  Earned the first legitimate laugh of the evening.  Well done.




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