Japanese Zoo’s Zebra Escape Drill Is Better Than You Could Have Ever Imagined


Absolutely love this video, can’t get enough.  The Japanese folk are a fascinating bunch.  Always up to something that they find practical and I find downright hysterical.  There’s a long, documented history of my obsession with the Far East.  This might take the cake.  The thought of how much time and effort went into this is almost unfathomable.  All of the people and parts involved, calling in resources, making it a press event, and legitimately blueprinting what to do when the zebra gets loose.

“Alright everyone.  Tomorrow is a big day.  We will be running through our Zebra Escape protocol, start to finish, real-time speed, no do overs.  It’s better to prevent a problem altogether rather than making changes after something goes wrong.  Not on my watch will we allow one of our endangered Zebras running amuck in the streets of Japan.  So bring your A game tomorrow.  And tell the press.  I want everyone to see this.  We need to re-establish our credibility as the premier Zebra Zoo of Japan.  Oh and we’ll need someone to wear this gigantic zebra costume I got.  Pulling out all the stops for this one, people.”

Holding up the net and banging poles on the ground to lure the zebra towards them is so genius, I don’t know why I didn’t think of it myself.  Truly brilliant.  Note to self: mustn’t let the zebra squeeze by and take out one of our guys, sending him into (what seems like) temporary paralysis.  I also loved how as soon as that guy got taken out (hilarious acting by the way), priority immediately shifted to seeking medical help for their fallen brethren.  They literally created a simulation where the zebra killed someone.  The zebra on the loose went straight to the backburner.  Only the Japanese can get away with that one.



Top notch pageantry.  Outstanding acting.  How about that slow, painful death?  That’s natural, raw talent.  You can’t just pull anyone off the streets, stick them in a zebra costume, and have them give an Oscar-worthy tranquilizer gunshot victim performance.  Not even in Japan.  That guy probably goes from zoo to zoo all over the world teaching disaster classes and animal escape seminars.  To each his own.

LOVE the slow and cautious pull up next to move.  That lady opening the car door just enough to stick out that pole and actually poke him was laugh out loud funny.  If you don’t think that was hysterical, we simply don’t see eye to eye on comedy.  And everyone knows if you’re gonna poke the zebra to make sure it’s dead, just crack the side door and nothing more.  Not careless, but not too careful.

The zebra flatbed at the end was a nice touch, too.




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