Buffalo Wild Wings Reports Low Earnings, Hopes New Manalapan Location Will Turn Franchise Around

MarketWatch: Buffalo Wild Wings Inc. shares declined in the extended session Wednesday after the buffalo-wing chain fell short of Wall Street estimates on its quarterly results and outlook.Buffalo Wild Wings shares fell 2.7% to $139 on heavy volume after hours. …

The company forecast 2016 earnings of $5.95 to $6.20 a share, while analysts are expecting $6.48 a share.

Alright so the latter part of that headline isn’t exactly true.  But it’s not untrue.  Just because they didn’t say it doesn’t make it completely fictional.  Can’t say that I blame them.  Not a good look to admit that one expansion is the key to a booming stock price.  Not good business.

I must address the elephant in the room.  The public has been up in arms over the Manalapan vs. Marlboro debate.  I said Manalapan owns Marlboro, and I standby that.  But that’s not the point now, nor was it in my original claim.  If you can read and process information at the same time, something I’ve admittedly struggled with for years (couldn’t surpass 500 on the English section of the SATs for the life of me), what I said was that the most important thing was that Buffalo Wild Wings is coming to the area.  I alluded that the “rivals” would become allies in the spirit of chicken wings, that Manalapan and Marlboro and towns alike will unite together as one.

Together we will scarf down wings with different sauces and wash them down with cold beers.  TOGETHER.  Whoever read the official press release and had their first thought fixate around the notion of Manalapan vs. Marlboro can get lost.  It’s BWW Manalapan, it’s BWW Marlboro, who cares?  Develop an objective opinion ONE time, and then we can have a reasonable, mature conversation.  I had one person tell me that Freehold is better than both towns and that I can no longer shop at their mall.  That’s crossing the line.  Happy vibes only at B Dubs.

Now that we’ve squashed that… I think BWW shareholders should be sitting pretty right about now.  I may even dump my savings into B Dubs stock first thing in the morning.  Once Buffalo Wild Wings arrives on the scene in the 732, all the problems will go away.  The McDonalds across the street is one of the highest grossing Mickey D locations in the nation.  Bet ya didn’t know that.  It’s essentially the only fast food chain on that side of the highway 15 minutes each way.  Location is as good as it gets.  BWW is going to flourish in this area, as long as the Marlboro residents don’t get too territorial.

PS – Not to brag, but kind of to brag, I essentially broke the news to the world.  Find another source that published this exciting development first.  You can’t.


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