Mike Francesa Answers Random Questions And His Answers Are Gold


If you’re a Francesa fan, this interview is a must watch.  Despite all of the things people get on him for, and they are warranted and well documented, this interview really shows him in a positive light.  I can understand his frustration with stupid callers, but he comes off as a real charmer and a likable guy in his sit down with Katie Nolan.  All around great interview, except for the Zaun himself to break the news of his retirement.  When he retires, I retire.  It’s only fair.

For years Mike Francesa has been known for being a bit different than others.  He gets prank called all the time and doesn’t understand sarcastic jokes because he’s old fashioned and oblivious to the times.  He has fallen asleep ON AIR on countless occasions.  But above all else he has a strict zero tolerance policy when it comes to bullshit.  Nobody wastes Mike Francesa’s time and gets away with it.  Mike is an enigma, and it comes forth in this interview.  So many things to touch on, but the rapid fire Q&A at the end takes the cake.

A couple highlights:

  • Mike Francesa will call ANYBODY an idiot.  Doesn’t matter if they just met or if he’s known them for years.  I bet when Katie Nolan tried to make fun of Mike’s first car she didn’t anticipate in being thrown right back.  Like spittin’ in the wind.
  • Doesn’t dip his wings in ranch or blue cheese.  Total savage move.  If he wasn’t the GOAT I’d rip him apart but he deserves more respect than that.  I may have to give up blue cheese now.
  • Superman looks like Mike Francesa.  Not the other way around, don’t get it twisted.  Facts only.
  • Guy brushes his teeth 4 times a day.  Total psychopath move, yet it doesn’t surprise me one bit.  You don’t crush ratings by yourself with shitty teeth.
  • Q: “Is a hot dog a sandwich?”  A: “Who the hell cares?  I mean that’s a stupid question.  Throw that question out.  That’s not even a dumb question.  Throw it out.  Take the card and just flip it.  Not even answering, it’s a dumb question.”  He’s a legend.
  • “Star Wars?  Please.”  He’s one of a kind.




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