I’m Concerned For Jack Black’s Well Being


Yikes.  Jack Black looks BAD.  I’m genuinely worried about him.  I don’t expect to ever see him skinny, by any means, but god almighty he looks like an absolute mess.  The only people who wear suspenders like that are people who need to.  My Uncle Joel wears suspenders because if he didn’t his pants would fall down.  Jack Black has reached that level.  Jack Black and my Uncle Joel are one in the same.  That mini speech about him not being out of breath is red flag.  You don’t say you’re not out of breath unless you’re actually struggling to breathe.  Jack Black cannot breathe.

I have this weird premonition that we may be seeing the end of Jack Black.  Dude looks like he’s been on a drug bender for the last decade.  Really disgusting looking, can’t button the top button on his shirt, probably doesn’t know it’s unbuttoned, inability to breathe after sitting down, sitting oddly on the chair, just giving off weird vibes.  Shades of Chris Farley.  I don’t want to predict anything because it doesn’t seem right, but if you have Jack Black in your 2016 Death Pool, you gotta like your chances on the 1st day of February.

Sad day.  Get well soon, Jack Black.

PS – The Power Bomb onto the chair was a 10/10.



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