NYC To Test New Open-Style Subway Cars

Daily News: Subway riders could get relief from sardine-can conditions in a new “open” model of train car the MTA wants to test drive. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority released a rendering of an open gangway train design — a style used in Toronto, London and Paris that lets passengers spread out on the full length of a train, instead of cramming themselves into individual cars. The open style of train car could boost passenger capacity around 10%, according to transit experts. The MTA plans to spend $52 million on 10 open gangway cars for two full-length trains. The test run is still years away, with the prototypes expected to be delivered in 2020 the earliest. …

The modern trains will be equipped with WiFi and charging stations. With the design phase underway, the MTA plans to award a contract in early 2017. The MTA started considering an open gangway style of subway car in a 20-year assessment plan from 2013, saying the design would “maximize carrying capacity” and “allow passengers to move to less-crowded areas of the train, balancing loading and unloading times at all doors.”

Let me tell you something about the subway.  It sucks.  There’s nothing enjoyable about it.  You’re packed in with a million other people, just like sardines in a can as so eloquently put in the article.  It smells like shit.  It’s a thousand degrees.  There are rats all over the place.  There’s bums and crazy people everywhere.  It’s a fucking hassle.  Until you take the subway on a daily basis, you really can’t understand how bad it can be.

I can think of 8 MILLION improvements for the New York City subway system.  Until they can eliminate the STANK and the bums and the rats, until they add more tracks and more trains, I’m not buying into this plan.  Theoretically if you can fit more people on every train, there would be more room on the trains, I totally get that.  But when you have 4000 people cramming into a metal box with a substantially smaller, finite limit of people, if you can’t be pressed up against the glass on this train, you’ll be in the same situation on the next train.  The subway is gonna be packed to the gills whether or not you add another 10% of space.  Also, wifi and charging stations are completely irrelevant if you can’t move enough to get your phone out of your pocket.

I’ve said for years that when roads, bridges, trains, etc. were built, there was ZERO foresight involved.  If every road now had ONE extra lane added, do you know how many traffic problems that would alleviate?  If every road had a service road above it, same deal.  Why not build wider roads and longer trains?  Why not having those moving walkways from the airports on every sidewalk?  I’m making a motion to issue a travel ban for one full year.  We’ll all get some time to get our affairs in order, stock up on food, and we’ll be stationed in the same place while the government works on expanding roads and improving transportation and travel conditions.  Small sacrifice for a better future.





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  1. This one took a serious turn towards the end….and I like it! Hope you’re doing well brotha

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