Buffalo Wild Wings Is Coming To Manalapan

The rumors have been confirmed!  For weeks there has been some speculation surrounding the area about a potential Buffalo Wild Wings expansion to the Manalapan area.  Technically the location is Marlboro, but everyone knows Manalapan owns Marlboro in just about everything.  But that’s irrelevant.  That’s not the point, Buffalo Wild Wings deserves more respect.  What a great day for the 732.  We’ve longed for a wings joint since the end of the Wing Daddy era (RIP).  Chicken Holiday is overrated.  La Rosa refuses to put the sauce on the wings themselves and instead provides a little container of sauce with plain chicken wings.  Fuck that.  There is no Grade A wings spot within 10-15 minutes.  Do you know how hard that is for someone like me?  That’s no way to live.  BWW won’t replace Applebees, but that’s because it’s not a competition.  The more buffalo wings the better.  We will suffer no more.



27 thoughts on “Buffalo Wild Wings Is Coming To Manalapan

  1. You’re forgetting Domino’s. The wings are actually pretty good, and they sauce ’em. They’re even better with a generous employee discount. 🙂

    Where exactly will this new BWW be? I cannot find any other info on this. I was kind of thinking the site of the old Pet Paradise, which was supposed to become a middle eastern restaurant. The last time I saw anyone working there, they were putting in plants. Pretty stupid.

  2. The author is making a grave mistake in forgetting about Cluck-U located in Aberdeen right next to the Strathmore bowling alley. Cluck-U has better wings than all of the places mentioned.. mainly because none of them are meant FOR wings (except Wing Daddy RIP, I still miss their teriyaki with Wasabi sauce side.) How can you claim to know grade-A wings without any mention of Cluck-U? You ain’t got no ethos established here, kid.

    And to the comment above, domino’s.. seriously? Gtfo of here with that.

  3. Since when does Manalapan “own” Marlboro? And what reasons would that be so? Buffalo Wings is locating in Marlboro not Manalapan. Got it? Good!

  4. Manalapan or Marlboro lol. They are both the same place. They have the worst people in the entire state living there. What you fail to mention is there are already 3 BWW in the area (M mall, Brick and Lakewood/TR. I’d drive to any of those or even to fkg Buffalo before I’d go to Manalaboro!

  5. NUMBER 1. manalapan does NOT own marlboro. lets get real.
    NUMBER 2. The location of BWW is actually and physically IN marlboro so i’d say marlboro owns manalapan wouldn’t u???? ya. same.

  6. La Rosa of Manalapan will toss the wings with hot sauce if you ask. The majority of costumers want them naked. That’s why they usually serve wings that way. La Rosa serves also delicious bbq flavored wings. You must order ahead if you want wings for the Big game because they sell several thousands on that day

  7. I agree Manalapan doesn’t own Marlboro, and Marlboro doesn’t own Manalapan. Two separate towns next to each other, yes we shop at the same places since they are all located nearby for both towns. Both are great places to raise a family with great schools. I’ve made the most wonderful friends, and love living and working here.

  8. Lmao it’s okay Manalapan, we all know you’re trash, so why just play into the sterotype? Really thought the tension would’ve died down after high school, but I guess since those were probably your best years, you just can’t forget them.

  9. To the author, can you let us know how you found out about this? I can’t manage to find anything any info on it.


  10. Freehold is better than both your lame ass “towns” anyway

    Ps: If you want to talk shit quit shopping at our mall

    1. I don’t care if the new BWW is in Marlboro or Manalapan, as long as it is in one of them. Hopefully, the plans are actually real and are not just ideas that have little evidence.

      -Marlboro would be better, though. 😁

  11. Cluck U wings are horrible.

    They are breaded, which is the first mistake, and they are soggy.

    Real Buffalo wings are deep fried, no breading.

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