Here’s What Happens When 14 Old Men Stand On A Seesaw


I have a theory.  You know how we use rats for scientific experiments because, well, they’re rats and it’s no big deal if the experiments go awry?  I think human beings get to a certain age/mental state where they just do what they’re told with no rhyme or reason; they can essentially be treated like objects.  You can mess around with them so long as they stay alive.  Let’s say a guy works at an assisted living home, reserves the bus for a “field trip”, takes this elderly/insane group into the woods, and tells them to stand on a gigantic, uneven log because he knows it will be hilarious.  They are basically lab rats.  Senile, handicapped, possibly schizophrenic, and generally unaware of just about everything.  Why not make them do a giant seesaw for fun?  What’s the worst that can happen?  It’s actually a fool-proof plan.  Nobody is going to rat this guy out for gallivanting into the wilderness with a bunch of crazies because who’s gonna believe them?  “Ed said what?!  He must have had too much kung pao chicken at lunch.  I’ll tell ya that guy can dream up the most wild stories you’d ever imagine!”

Pretty funny, nonetheless.  You knew exactly what was going to happen, but it still got me laughing and watching again and laughing again.  The domino effect was too perfect.  Right down the line.  Falling down to their right until the only direction left is OFF.  Classic seesawing.

PS – Having that group of “spotters” was genius.  That’s called thinking ahead.  How can anybody assume they’ll fall backwards and not forwards?



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