A Summary Of Mets Ownership In One Quote

Fuck these guys, man.  The Wilpons aka the Coupons aka the Wontpons have been frugal and incompetent for as long as I can remember.  All of their tongue-in-cheek bullshit, all of their lies and excuses, all of their pontificating out their asses, all of their stupidity, all of their mistakes…summed up in one quote this afternoon.  There are only two reasons why Fred Wilpon would say this.

1) He literally does not know what’s going on with “his” team because he’s handed all responsibilities to his idiot son Jeff and is only interested in collecting a paycheck whilst waiting to die.  Dishing out an answer like this is still just about the worst thing you can say as an owner of a team whose entire fan base wants you lynched in the parking lot on Opening Day.

2) He’s directing the blame onto Sandy Alderson.  Grandpa Fred knows damn well that they’re running this team into the ground and isn’t a good enough leader to take accountability.  He’s not man enough to face the hard questions so he deflects them onto the person who faces the media more often.  Thing is, nobody is blaming the GM.  It’s the Wilpons’ money (or lack thereof).  They don’t want to spend money.  They’re not committed to winning but only on shopping at the clearance rack looking for a good deal.  Nickel and dime-ing is the only game they know, and that has never and will never work.  Fuck them.

But the bottom line is that the Mets never had any intention of bringing back Yoenis Cespedes.  They still haven’t made an offer to him.  They’re sitting back and waiting for Yo to come back with more reasonable expectations in terms of a contract, and that’s simply not happening.  No fucking chance.  There is a team out there who is willing to spend money to instantly better their team and contend for a World Series, something the Mets know nothing about.

What a shame.



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