I Am Very Much Against These Little Kids Who Sent Support Letters To Blair Walsh After He Ruined The Vikings Season


CBS SportsWhat a weird week it has been for Blair Walsh. The Minnesota Vikings kicker missed a very short game-winning field goal, which ended the Vikes’ playoff hopes on Sunday afternoon.  He was attacked on social media because people are terrible. But the number of folks sending positive messages to the kicker has been pretty exciting — particularly the first-graders from Northpoint Elementary School who sent Walsh a bunch of notes to cheer him up. (Puppies are cute!)  The support was so touching Walsh decided to visit the first-grade kids and thank them for being so kind.  “Kids like you are willing to do kind things like that for somebody you don’t even know. And it really meant a lot to me and I just want to say thank you,” Walsh told the kids.

I hate everything about this story.  We live in this superficial, PC society where everyone has to be nice to everyone and you can’t say a bad word about anyone under any circumstance.  It drives me up the walls insane.  Truth is, Blair Walsh fuckin blew it last weekend.  The Vikings played well enough to win and Blair Walsh choked under pressure on a big stage.  If not for him, the Vikings would have won.  So he blew the game.  Those are FACTS.

There is no defending that.  It was a chip shot field goal that gets made 999 times out of 1000.  How any Vikings fan could feel bad for him is beyond me.  I’m surprised he hasn’t left town yet.  He will be remembered by that moment for the rest of his career in Minnesota and probably beyond that.  Vikings fans will hate him forever.  The teacher who organized this has lost all credibility as an educator because they have instilled garbage values in their students.  If we forgive everyone that makes mistakes, nothing ever gets done.  If you fuck up, you need to be held accountable and face the music.

I respect Blair Walsh for taking the blame to the media (unlike those clowns in Cincinnati), but I am so angry that these little rugrats can’t blame the man at fault.  I don’t care if you’re 10, I don’t care if you’re 50.  If the kicker ruins your season, hate him like everyone else so he feels the pain and never fucks up again.

Grow up.




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