Maybe The Best Eye Witness Interview You’ll See This Decade



I am absolutely speechless.  It takes a lot to keep me quiet.  Yet here I stand, speechless.  This round, black woman in the M&M jacket from Tulsa, Oklahoma who was cooking her babies some breakfast and talking with her neighbor with no shoes on in the middle of winter and bounced out just in time to narrowly escape a burning building to tell the tale has left me without words.

This the ideal roommate.  Always on high alert, head on a swivel, cooks, wears great clothes, protective, fun, simply perfect all around.  Makes me realize I need to get out to middle America.  I need a real taste of the flyover states, for a few years at least.  Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska.  I like the excitement that a big city provides, but I need to experience flat terrain, corn farms, hicks, NRA supporters, and tornados.  Life in the big city has endless boundaries but I have a hunch that middle America blows the Big Apple out of the water.

Nuh uh, NOT TODAY!

PS – That M&M jacket that she may have bought from a pawn shop after a retired NASCAR driver dropped it off is so fire flames hot it’s not even funny.

PS2 – Immediately thought of Queen Latifah in that movie with Steve Martin…




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