Least Surprising News In History: Attractive Students Get Higher Grades

Newsweek: In findings presented Monday at the annual meeting of the American Economic Association, and first reported on the website Inside Higher Ed, researchers from Metropolitan State University of Denver claim to have found that female students who are considered attractive received higher course grades and less attractive students received lower ones.

Metropolitan State University associate professors Rey Hernandez-Julian and Christina Peters used data for 77,067 students who attended the university between 2006 and 2011, matching school identification card photographs of students to 1,139,772 course grades. …

Hernandez-Julian and Peters found that for in-person courses, female students rated to be more attractive tended to get higher grades, while female students considered less attractive got lower grades. …

Hernandez-Julian and Peters wrote that though discriminatory, instructors may not be giving favorable treatment to attractive students in grading but rather in teaching—instructors may simply pay more attention to attractive students, resulting in higher grades. …

For in-person courses, the data showed that male students’ looks tended to matter less than their female classmates’ looks. However, for online courses, both male and female students who were considered attractive did not do as well as they would have for in-person courses.

Umm yeah no kidding.  This is news?  Hardly.  Since the beginning of time good looking people have gotten better treatment than ugly people.  Right or wrong, that’s just the way it goes.  That’s how it’s been, and that’s probably how it’s going to be moving forward.  Ugly people have always had to work harder to make up for their lack of attractiveness.  They’ve had to use extra time/money/energy to overcompensate elsewhere while pretty girls and good looking guys have it easier.

The article does actually make a few decent points.  Specifically, they dive into the theory that a professor is more likely to give an attractive student more attention/time than an unattractive student.  The beneficiary would get more help and dedicate more time to studying, etc., so they do technically earn the higher grade.  But the point stands true.  Ugly people have to work harder for success.  It may not be fair, but since when is life fair?

Running an entire test to prove this “hypothesis” is such a waste of time.  Whoever signed off on this should be stripped of their duties.  “Hey boss we have a groundbreaking theory we want to run by you.  We wanna see if good looking people get special treatment especially in college.” “Yeah they do.  Now pack up your shit, hand in your ID, and get out.”

It’s not news when everyone has always known this.


One thought on “Least Surprising News In History: Attractive Students Get Higher Grades

  1. Correlation doesn’t necessarily mean causality. It could just be that it’s hard for a girl to be good looking, but the smarter ones are able to do it. Therefore, the smarter girls are able to get high grades and be good looking while the less smart girls just aren’t as good at life.

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