BREAKING NEWS: I’m Officially Bringing The Phone Call Back

I’m bringing the phone call back.  Less text messages, more phone calls.  So when my name pops up on your phone don’t be weirded out because it’s the start of a revolution.  The phone call is obsolete no more.  I feel like the text message is played out.  And sometimes people don’t understand me through text because I use a lot of emotions when I speak.  It’s hard to portray a tone or a vibe through text.  I have enough trouble getting others to pick up on my jokes and sarcasm as is.  No point in fueling that fire when it’s not necessary.  Also I hate typing out long messages.  But I don’t feel confident that my point was delivered in full if I keep it short.  With a quick, simple phone call we can cut the bullshit and get to the point.  Brevity.  Efficiency.  Phone calls.  Nobody is safe.  Everybody’s phone gonna be ringing.

Phone calls are back baby!  I’m a pioneer!

PS – Won’t ever leave a message though.  Let’s not get crazy.  Only person that’s allowed to leave a voicemail is my mother.  Nobody is more out of touch with something than her and leaving voicemails.



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