Fourth Time’s A Charm As Mike Piazza Earns A Spot In The Hall Of Fame

All is now right with the world.  He should have gotten in the first time.  He should have gotten in the second time.  He should have gotten in last year (but I’ll let it slide because of the loaded ballot).  But Mike Piazza is a Hall of Famer and rightfully so.  Three years too late but we’ll let bygones be bygones for the sake of the occasion.  Best offensive catcher of all time, with company like Yogi Berra and Jonny Bench.  Not too shabby.  The numbers don’t lie, and I think that’s the toughest thing to have dealt with over the past few years.  There’s no logical explanation to not vote him in.  Piazza couldn’t be less tied to PEDs.  There’s just as much proof that I’ve taken PEDs.  It was nothing more than innuendo, here-say, and speculation that has kept him out of the HOF.

All these prehistoric, old-fashioned, myopic writers on their high horse can get lost.  Some of them won’t vote for anyone who has ever been potentially linked to steroids.  Evidence and proof are irrelevant.  There are guys in the BBWAA who won’t vote for anyone in their first year of eligibility without exception.  Do you realize how insane that is?  Cal Ripken Jr., Greg Maddux, Randy Johnson, some of the best EVER.  Nope, can’t vote them in because they’re first timers.  The three guys who didn’t vote for Griffey should be stripped of their voting rights.  Fuck outta here with that garbage.  These clowns make it about themselves, and that’s just wrong.  Baseball needs to figure out a new system because it’s so flawed.  Current/past managers and current HOFer’s should be voting instead of some of these jerkoff Jonny Pencil Pushers who have never left the press box.

But this isn’t about them.  This is about the decorated career of Mike Piazza and awarding him with his well-deserved spot in baseball history.  He’s a New York icon and a Mets legend.  He was the face of the franchise for nearly a decade and will undoubtedly be remembered most for leading the Metropolitans to the World Series in 2000 and, even more so, hitting one of the most memorable home runs in New York history.  In the first NY sports game after 9/11, it was only fitting that Mike Piazza hit that 8th inning go-ahead HR off the TV tower that basically told Al Qaeda to take a hike.

Despite being a sub-par player defensively, inable to hit the low-and-away breaking ball, having frosted tips, AND being rumored to be a homosexual, Mike Piazza is an all-time great.  We can officially put all that steroid nonsense to bed.  That black cloud looming over Piazza and his HOF status is no more.  Looking forward to that July weekend in Cooperstown, won’t miss that for anything.  The Mets need to get this guy a fucking statue outside Citi Field.  No reason why he doesn’t already have one.  Him and Tom Seaver.  And #31 should have been retired years ago.  The Wilpons are just asleep at the wheel as usual, so fuck them.  Congrats, Mike.  LGM.

PS – It’s bananas that Bonds and Clemens aren’t in the Hall.

PS2 – If you don’t get goosebumps watching this, then you don’t have a pulse…





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