Jaden Smith Is Now A Spokesman For Louis Vuitton Skirts



Listen if you wanna wear girls clothes that’s alright by me.  If you wanna experiment and test the world of sexuality, I have no issue with that.  But I think it’s fair that in return you’re upfront with people about it.  Does Jaden Smith have to parade around and tell the world he likes guys (speculation)?  Absolutely not.  I honeslty just think it would be to his benefit to come out if he is in fact gay or bisexual or whatever.  Everyone already thinks he’s a nut, so why not take advantage of that and embrace in publicly?  Maybe that’s ignorant, maybe it’s not.  When you wear a Camelbak to the Bieber Roast, you should be forced to explain those antics to the media.  Jaden was not held accountable except for the vine that I created.  No joke I think I’m the only person in the world who noticed it.  But then you say you’re just running a social experiment on the world and trolling everyone after you admit to buying girls clothing.  This new sponsorship is just another chapter in the Jaden Smith book that I have trouble reading yet cannot put down.

Let the record show that I dislike Jaden Smith solely for wearing a camelbak to the Bieber roast, claiming to run a social experiment on everyone, and being a straight up whack job (read this and tell me he’s not off-the-reservation insane).  The dresses and skirts neither bother me nor surprise me.  And where’s Fresh Prince during all of this?  I’m in no position to tell him how to raise his child, but the finger points at him.  He’s enabled and perpetuated this for years.  Dude your kids are LUNATICS.  That’s on you, Will.

PS – I will never understand the people who Tweet With Every Word Starting In Caps Like This.  I need answers for this and the Camelbak.



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